“I confess that I have become addicted to using The Omegle game to get girls to strip and do other sexual activities for me online. After being inspired by many other successful captures, I relentlessly spend hours each night using any method possible to get girls to fulfill my desires – which in turn has led me to capture so much content.

I feel somewhat conflicted by my decision of wanting to stop, but a temptation exists where the next girl I encounter will refuel my desire to keep going. ”

“I go on websites like Omegle and Chatroulette just to strip and help get guys off.

I’ve always had a very low self esteem, but ever since I’ve been doing this, I’ve been feeling better about myself. I don’t know if it is because I like knowing the fact that I am turning someone on, or the comments they make about my body, but I am not so ashamed of my body anymore. Just to be clear, I am in no way fat, and have pretty awesome boobs, but I’ve suffered with an eating disorder for the past 4 years so body image is something I’ve always had issues with.

I know that these men are just saying things to get me to keep touching myself and taking off my clothes, but in some sick way it makes me feel good. I’ve been considering becoming a stripper now, something my very religious family would disown me for. ”

I did something risky on Omegle, tell me what you think?

Ok, so last night I stripped and masturbated to the first guy that popped up on my stranger cam. His face was covered and my face was covered. The lights in my room were dark and I was only lit by the lights of my computer screen.

He didn’t provoke me, we just started immediately. I went on Omegle with this intention. I don’t know what came over me, and the strange things is…I don’t feel guilty. I felt confident in my body, my self esteem shot through the roof. He was very complimentary and for once I actually felt sexy… I really do have self esteem issues and for some reason this made me feel more womanly and attractive. THIS WAS A ONE TIME THING. I do not plan on doing this again, I just wanted to try it, and try something adventurous…to see if I was good enough to be sexually attractive.

Why do I not feel guilty?

The lights were off, couldn’t make out my furniture much besides my sheets. I never showed my face, perhaps the bottom of my chin and a smile at one point. I didn’t get the impression he was recording because he was pleasuring himself as well.

I got kicked out haha, I don’t think he left something popped up that said Disconnected Horny Girl (18+)

The ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY thing I am a little nervous about is that afterwards I read people record on Omegle and spread your goods around. But I have also heard that Omegle has anti-recording abilities. Idk, tell me what you think about why I don’t feel guilt and if you think I will get caught if it was recorded.”

“Holy shit, i just did the “omegle game” and one girl popped her cherry just to get 100 points (mastrubate with a toy). i was kind of shocked and yes i did tell her not to do it !”

“I do the omegle point game and my first time doing it i had a nice teen girl named zoe play my game and fuck both holes and taste her piss unfortunately i didnt cap then, now i cap. a week or so ago i got lucky nad she came accorss my game again on omegle and palyed and this tme i recorded. She gets naked fingers both holes puts objects and both holes. Pissed nad shits in a cup then taste it. Zoe is a lil whore.”