Dirty points game
level 1
type your name5pts
blow kiss5pts
level 2
type your age5pts
bite your lips5pts
show your tongue5pts
make a heart5pts
level 3
lick your lips10pts
suck your finger10pts
suck two fingers10pts
show stomach10pts
show cleavage20pts
level 4
lift up your top and show bra50pts
type your country50pts
pull off your pants and show panties50pts
booty stage
show your bare ass50pts
shake your booty50pts
hands on your knees and pop it50pts
take bottom off50pts
bonus stage 1
take off your top50pts
down straps of bra50pts
take a sexy pose50pts
give me a kiss50pts
boobs stage
show cleavage50pts
flash boobs50pts
grab boobs50pts
jiggle boobs50pts
2 players bonus stage
both show bare booty at same time100pts
both show boobs100pts
smack friend's ass100pts
grab friend's boobs100pts
bonus stage 2
flash your pussy100pts
pull your nipples100pts
level 7
get naked100pts
show boobs(close)100pts
play with boobs200pts
play with nipples200pts
show ass (close)200pts
2 players bonus stage 2
grab friend's boobs200pts
bite and kiss friend's neck200pts
kiss each other200pts
level 8
slap your ass200pts
show pussy (close)200pts
spread cheeks200pts
masturbate in doggy400pts
level 9
finger in pussy400pts
two fingers in pussy500pts
blowjob a toy/object500pts
toy between tits500pts
2 players bonus stage 3
kiss each other again1000pts
lick friend's nipples2000pts
lick friend's pussy3000pts
2 players bonus stage 4
finger friend's pussy3000pts
toy/object in friend's pussy3000pts
play with her until she cums4000pts
level 10
toy/object in pussy1000pts
finger ass1500pts
toy/object in ass2000pts
play until orgasm3000pts
High score: Anonymus | 0pts
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